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This is a guide to the ratings we give films and what they mean. Whenever we do reviews we will rate the film out of 10 stars and also give a varying recommend or not recommend. Everything below 7 stars means that it is just a movie whereas everything above 6 stars means it is a film. These ratings apply to how we judge the rating of a film on IMDb. Also, all of these ratings apply to TV Shows.

*0 stars = Need I Say More?

1 star = Abomination (Severe Not Recommend) No one should see this movie ever. All copies should be burned. (Unless it’s so bad it’s good and must only be watched with friends with the sole purpose of having a great life e.g. Birdemic).

2 stars = Scum (Strong, Strong Not Recommend) No one should see this film. It has just a couple small things going for it that a 1 star film does not have.

3 stars = Mess (Strong Not Recommend) The movie is a just a mess and you should definitely steer clear from it.

4 stars = Dismal (Solid Not Recommend) It has competence but it is not worth viewing and greatly lacks in storytelling value.

5 stars = Sub-par (Mild Not Recommend) The movie is lack luster. It has some slight merit but overall not worth the watch.

*Note: These recommendations for this section may vary depending on the reviewer.

6 stars = Mediocre/OK (Slight Recommend) The movie is serviceable and okay to watch.

7 stars = Good (Mild-Solid Recommend) The film is good but not great. You can’t go wrong by watching it, but it does have some flaws.

8 stars = Great (High Recommend) This film deserves repeat viewings and stands out among the rest.

9 stars = Superb (Strong Recommend) This film is fantastic. It exceeds nearly all other films and demands to be watched multiple times. It deserves to take it’s place in the echelon of the true greats.

10 stars = Perfect (Highest Recommendation) This film is without flaw and should be cherished as a beloved classic. It receives a gold medal.

*11 stars = Immaculate (Highest Recommendation) On rare occasions, certain films transcend cinema and achieve god status. This film deserves to take its rightful place on Mount Olympus.

*As of 2018, two new ratings have been added to the list. These two ratings will be used quite sparingly on only the rarest of occasions.

If a reviewer shuts the movie off then the movie receives an automatic Not Recommend. No star rating will be assigned because the complete work cannot be judged. In the case of this happening the reviewer has the right to not return for the next installment in the Retrospective Series, but can choose to return to review the next installment.

If both reviewers shut the movie off then the film receives two automatic Not Recommends and the Retrospective Series will come to a close unless otherwise stated. No stars will be assigned because the movie could not be wholly judged.

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