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Hi I’m Corbin Riley, editor of Silver Screen Guide. On this website you’ll find quality guides to movies, TV shows, film scores, video games, and much more. These guides will be unique content that you cannot find on other websites.

About the Editor:

I am a 21 year old college student majoring in English. I have loved films ever since I could understand what they are. From Disney classics to RKO Pictures these films shaped my concept of story telling. At the age of 5 I remember sitting on the living room couch, eating sour cream & chive Pringles, watching the 1933 classic King Kong for the first time. From that moment forward I knew I wanted to be a film director. Over the years I absorbed movies, their cinematography style, score, art direction, acting, who was directing, who wrote the screenplay, etc. My appreciation of films increased by taking in all these factors. That is why I feel uniquely qualified to bring you great content at Silver Screen Guide. Eventually my family and mine’s love of film grew to point that we decided to build a theatre in our basement. It’s now fully functioning with stadium seating, a popcorn/soda machine, a 140 inch screen, and all the other comforts and decorations found at a public theater. My film collection has grown to around 700 with no intentions of stopping.

Near the end of high school I decided that pursing film school and becoming a director was not God’s plan for my life considering it would be hard to have a family with that career. Story telling has been a part of my life since I was a small child so I knew God had something of the kind planned for me. My other love, aside from movies, is books. Before I knew it my career path had changed from film director to author. Now I am pursing a Bachelor of Arts in English and currently writing my first novel. Marrying my insights into film with my writing skill gives me a unique approach to writing over the subject of film.