Hugh Jackman has just appeared for his last time on screen playing ‘The Wolverine.’ Logan is a different kind of X-Men movie: it’s sad, brutal, and down-to-earth–none of which have been seen in any X-Men movie prior.

This is 20th Century Fox’s second R-rated X-Men film. Last year Deadpool won big at the box office despite its R-rating. Director James Mangold has said that he was planning on making Logan R-rated regardless of Deadpool’s success. And honestly the rating was the right choice. In order to capture adult audiences and tell an adult oriented story the film needed an adult rating. Wolverine has always been a violent character but in previous films he’s been toned down to bring in a wider audience. Thankfully Logan has done very well at the box-office, but be warned this is not a movie to let your kid or teenager see. Personally, I felt the implementation of how many f-words it had was unnecessary which is something I feel should have been tuned up with the writing. The brutal, bloody violence was incredibly intense but the necessary choice.

Logan does a lot of things right, one of which is by keeping the cast small. The relationship focused on between Logan and Professor X is a heartbreaking one. It is hard to watch both men in a severely depressed state. Also, a perfect addition to the movie is Dafne Keen’s character Laura aka X-23. Her, Logan, and Professor X have great chemistry. She is one of the best child actors  I have ever seen. Keen provides a unique dynamic to the film. Which brings me to my next point is Logan doesn’t feel like an X-Men movie.

Mangold learned from his mistake with The Wolverine. This movie is grounded in reality. Relationships are explored, real world violence is depicted, situations can’t always be solved with super powers, and their are dire consequences. All of these factors thrown into a superhero movie make it special by resonating deeper with an audience that can empathize at the least.

Where Logan suffers is with pacing and emotion. This is a long X-Men movie at two hours and 17 minutes and boy does it feel like it. Towards the middle of the movie is where the pacing starts to falter. There is a large gap where I felt nothing much was going on. I wasn’t bored but the brakes sure were hit quickly during the second act.

Another aspect of Logan I was hoping would’ve had some more umph was with the emotion. Some emotional aspects simply fall flat, which caused me to feel little to nothing, and some grabbed me but should have grabbed me better. Don’t get me wrong, Logan is an incredibly emotionally taxing, draining film.

Overall Logan is a worthy addition to the X-Men franchise and makes my top 5. I am giving Logan 8 stars out of 10 making it a High Recommend.

8 stars