Today John Carpenter dropped some BIG news concerning the highly anticipated Halloween reboot. We covered Carpenter’s return to the series last May. At the time there wasn’t really any concrete details to go off of. But now I’m excited to announce the new film has writers, a director…and a release date! Read Carpenter’s Facebook post below for full details:


So you say you want a Revolution?
You want to shake things up and bring back Halloween and make it rock again?

Well so do I. So here’s the announcement you’ve all been waiting for:

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are joining the project to complete the creative team. David and Danny will write the script together and David will direct. I will continue in my executive producer role to consult and offer my advice and feedback as needed.

David and Danny both came to my office recently with Jason Blum and shared their vision for the new movie and…WOW. They get it. I think you’re gonna dig it. They blew me away.

I might even do the music. Maybe. It could be kind of cool.

And you’ll get to see it in theaters on October 19th, 2018.


This is all exciting news. I’m really surprised to hear that Danny McBride is writing considering he’s a comedic actor. He’s written some television and his second movie The Foot Fist Way which is a comedy. McBride is most likely trying to break out of the comedy realm and I say this not just because of his statement below but he is also appearing in Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant which releases this year. Blum and Carpenter wouldn’t have let McBride come on to the project if they didn’t believe in him. Plus he won’t be writingImage result for danny mcbride david green alone. Green and McBride have already worked on a couple projects together so that’s good to know they have chemistry when it comes to crafting a story. It appears Green is moreso an indie director/writer (which is a good thing because so was Carpenter when he made Halloween). I saw Green’s film Prince Avalance starring Paul Rudd (acting debut with Halloween 6) and Emile Hirsch. I felt the film was okay, shone in a few spots, and fell flat in others. From my recollection the writing was unique and creative.

So this is an unconventional choice for writers and a director but I’m pleased with McBride’s statement: “David and I are thrilled to step outside of our comedic collaborations and dive into a dark and vicious horror. Nobody will be laughing” (source: Green echoed a similar sentiment. Also Malek Akkad, long time producer of the series, gave his strong approval. But what makes me most happy is Carpenter’s strong approval. Apparently their vision blew him away! Halloween hasn’t had a mind blowing movie since…well the original back in ’79. So I’m really hoping for a return to roots, a chilling Fall atmosphere, a low-budget look with solid dark horror storytelling. Sometimes new talent is what’s needed to reinvigorate a genre and right now the horror genre is in desperate need of reinvigorating.

When the reboot was announced last year I was really hoping we would see the film possibly this October, so at first I was bummed to learn we won’t see it for a little under two years, (2 1/2 years wait from time of announcement) but I’m okay with the release date. Why? It means they’re really taking the time to bring in the right people and get this right. Halloween as a franchise hasn’t gotten a film right in a long, long time. Rob Zombie’s remake/reimagining was an overall solid if not over-the-top remake but he completely made his sequel into…well..not a Halloween film. And his remake really didn’t do anything new with the genre except return it to its dark origins, except he took it to the extreme and gave Michael an origin story (which wasn’t pleasant to watch). Mostly everything before Zombie came along was garbage or just bad. When Halloween tried to return to its true roots (Halloween: H20) in continuity with the first film I was really disappointed. So I’m praying for a sequel in the vain of the original. Not too over-the-top with blood and boobs but a solid horror mystery that chills you to the bone.

Oh and fingers crossed Carpenter does the score! Please God place it on Carpenter’s heart to do the score!! It really would make the movie all that much more perfect. Gosh how incredible would it be to have a new Halloween score from John Carpenter? I can’t even imagine.

Finally we’re getting a proper Halloween sequel since the original duology (which could be considered the only definitive films).

So my question is which continuity will this new film follow? There’s The Original Continuity i.e. the first film; The Carpenter Continuity (bit of a misnomer since Carpenter really only envisioned the first one) i.e. 1 & 2. The Jamie Strode Continuity i.e. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 (this continuity is presumed dead). The Revived Laurie Strode Continuity i.e. 1, 2, H20, Resurrection (this continuity is hopefully dead); Rob Zombie’s new rebooted continuity which was going to have a third film but didn’t get off the ground, so therefore this continuity is dead. And the Halloween film going to be made before this was going to have its own stand alone continuity I believe. It possibly could’ve referenced The Carpenter Continuity but I don’t believe so. My guess is this is going to be a new stand alone film that may or very possibly may not have a sequel (that is within the same continuity at least). If it’s going to link up with a continuity it’s going to be The Carpenter Continuity but I doubt it. Carpenter’s original vision was to create new horror films that didn’t have to do with Michael Myers but still used the title ‘Halloween’. This happened with Halloween III: Season of the Witch but this simply confused and frustrated everyone. Carpenter hasn’t technically been back to the series since III but he hasn’t dealt with Michael Myers since II. But I think it may be a neat idea to create new Halloween movies that deal with Michael Myers but work as stand alone movies instead of sequels to each other. Myers’ story is a simple one and nearly every possible avenue has been exhausted (this will be the 10th Myers film after all) so I’m intrigued to see what this new film can come up with that will get us fans and newcomers back into the dormant franchise. There is plenty of comic book material to tap into.

For a special treat last October, Allen and I released a Bonus review of John Carpenter’s Halloween which you can listen to for free on iTunes or Podbean so head over and check out our review! I’ll announce it now we will definitely do a retrospective of the entire series before this new film comes out.

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