*These are not brand new releases of 2016. This is a list of films I watched for the first time, meaning I had not previously seen them before. This is the second time I have done this list but I have not published the 2015 list on the website.

Since I am human I am forgetful so there is most likely a couple movies I forgot to put on here. I did my best and this list includes basically every new movie I have seen this year. There are a couple TV shows/miniseries included but I am not counting them in my total.

The list is broken down by month.

January: 13
-New Years Eve (recommend only to watch on New Years Eve)
-Constantine (not recommended; watch Van Helsing instead)
-Enemy (talk with me)
-The Congress (sadly I had to shut it off. Just wasn’t holding my attention)
-Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (cinephiles are going to kill me but I can’t recommend this to anyone except those going through the tetralogy and those seeking a dark non-stop adventure film)
-Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (recommend)
-The Revenant (highest recommend)
-Fargo Season 2 (recommend)
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith (recommend)
-Goosebumps (fun family movie but not for everyone)
-Bridge of Spies (recommend)
-Mad Max: Fury Road (I enjoyed it but not for everyone)
-O Brother Where Are’t Though (high recommend)
-The Martian (highly recommended)
February: 2
-Hail, Caesar (highly recommend)
-Our Brand is Crisis (it’s ok)
March: 11
-Whiplash (recommended only for serious film aficionados)
-Atari Game Over (recommend)
-Troll 2 (no!!!!!)
-Birdemic (ehhh)
-Jane Eyre (recommended)
-JL: The Flashpoint Paradox (highly recommended for superhero fans but not for kids)
-10 Cloverfield Lane (highly recommend!)
-Insurgent (recommend)
-Table for Three (never watch this movie)
-Daddy’s Home (maybe)
-Batman v Superman (recommend)
April: 3
-Batman Under the Red Hood
-Schindler’s List
May: 8
-My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (recommend)
-Pumpkinhead (recommend for horror fans only)
-The Man from U.N.C.L.E (recommend)
-Dracula Untold (bland. Not recommended. Didn’t finish it.)
-The Witch (horrible movie. Never watch this)
-Beat the Devil (recommend if you can find a good copy)
-Hush (not recommended)
-Hope Floats (not recommended)
June: 6
-The Last of the Mohicans (1936) (not recommended)
-X-Men Apocalypse (recommended)
-Independence Day: Resurgence (small recommend)
-Civil War (only recommended if you’ve seen the previous films and are a big fan)
-Pawn Sacrifice (highly recommended)
-Duck You Sucker (not recommended)
July: 5
-Band of Brothers mini series (highest recommendation)
-Krampus (not recommended)
-Finding Dory (recommended)
-Princess Mononoke (recommended to hard core anime fans only)
-The Mummy (highly recommended)
-The Mummy Returns (highly recommended)
August: 9
-Tallulah (see me)
-Suicide Squad (not recommended)
-Jason Bourne (recommended)
-The Exorcist (recommended to horror fans only)
-Sahara (recommended)
-Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (highly recommended)
-Central Intelligence (recommend)
-The Running Man (recommend)
-Gentleman Broncos (recommend)
September: 2
-Rambo III (weak recommend)
-Beetlejuice (strong recommend)
October: 7
-Ghost in the Shell (mild recommend for anime lovers only)
-Westworld (Not recommend)
-Child’s play 1-3 (Recommend)
Army of Darkness (High recommend)
-Killer Klowns from Outerspace (High Recommend)
-Manhunter (strong not recommend)
November: 2
-Doctor Strange (recommend)
-Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (high recommend)
December: 3
-Rogue One (strong recommend)
-Barry (Solid Not Recommend)
-UHF (Mild Recommend)
-Vikings Season 4 Pt 1 (strong recommend)

I saw 66 movies this year (possibly a couple more I forgot to write down). Maybe next year I’ll break 100. I am trying to make this a tradition since this is the second year I have done this and plan on doing this list again next year. See you in 2017!