New Girl is a conflicting show for me. On one hand I love the show for the unique, creative characters and the witty writing, but on the other hand I hate the show because of the writing and sometimes disgusting situations. Sadly, this is the common story of modern television.

This is why I hate and love New Girl.

What I Love~

One of the main reasons I love New Girl is because of the incredible characters. Zooey Deschanel (Jess), Jake Johnson (Nick), Max Greenfield (Schmidt), Lamorne Morris (Winston), Hannah Simone (CeCe), and Damon Wayans Jr. (Coach) have done an incredible job crafting quirky, unique characters that they wholeheartedly embrace.The zest and passion they bring to their roles is essentially unparalleledNew Girl - New Girl Wallpaper in today’s comedy television genre. These stars are a joy to watch and provide endless laughs with their zany, over-the-top personas.

The second reason I love New Girl is because of the superb writing (sometimes) of Elizabeth Meriwether, the show’s creator. She does a wonderful job of creating zany scenarios that are still grounded in reality. Granted, not all of the situations the group find themselves in are crazy; sometimes they are in very real down-to-earth situations that many can relate with or the characters have a heart to heart while still throwing a little clever comedy into the mix. What also is most important about the writing is the perfect chemistry found between script and actor. You know the writing and acting are spot on when the actor is able to embody the character to such a point that the lines feel natural and completely believable to what the character would and should say.

What I Hate~

The main reason why I hate New Girl is because of the writing…well more pointedly the subject matter the writing conforms with. Yeah that sounds contradictory since I just praised the writing but too often the writing is about glorifying sleeping around with multiple people or having meaningless “casual sex” with someone only known for a day or two. I find glorifying fornication to be absolutely disgusting. I hate that modern television is trying to normalize “casual sex” and utterly devalue waiting to have sex until marriage or even the sanctity of marriage in general. Sadly, New Girl completely buys into the world view of normalizing premarital sex. What New Girl does New Girl - New Girl Wallpapernot show are the horrible emotional and physical consequences attached with fornication. I am pretty sure these characters would have multiple venereal diseases and be emotionally wrecked instead of living hunky dory care-free lives where they get over their breakups within or by the next episode. The only time New Girl was honest about having sex with multiple partners was when Coach got drunk and said, “It only feels good for a second and then you just feel sad afterwards.”

In the beginning I was incredibly iffy whether I should continue the show since the first and second season were riddled with basically nothing but sex. Honestly, I was incredibly offended by certain episodes; I was deeply troubled that entire episodes were dedicated just to sex and how great sleeping around is. I had to skip many episodes because I refused to spend my time watching a show praise something I do not believe in nor should be promoted regardless of personal or religious beliefs. Many may say, “It’s just a show, it’s not real life, it’s not forcing anybody to align with their lifestyle, people make their own choices, I don’t have to believe what they promote.” Yes all these things are true but depicting sleeping around as a great fun, harmless activity is in fact harmful. Teenagers, young adults, or even older adults get the message that fornication = a great time with no consequences. That message simply is not true and sex should not be used as a punchline.

New Girl should be approached with caution. I found there are some episodes that are a goldmine of laughs with a top notch story and the characters really bring a wonderfully, hilarious performance. When I’m caught up I’ll post a list of the must-see episodes that truly are comedic gold! That being said New Girl is not for everyone. Sadly the world will find raunchy comedy funny which means Fox (and other studios) will keep producing trash. But New Girl is a diamond in the rough because it actually is funny, well written, and well acted. And many episodes do avoid the topic of sex or lightly touch on it, especially in the latter seasons. Still that doesn’t negate the fact that “casual sex” is a promoted theme that continually pops up throughout the show. So I believe if you can skip the cruddy episodes and watch the good ones then New Girl is worth the watch.