Hey everyone, just wanted to give a few updates to the site and some exciting new things that will be up soon!

Silver Screen Guide has a new writer! Allen Rankin has joined our writing staff so you will see reviews and posts from him sometimes. He has a new article up right now you should head over and read.

silver screen guide 2

Also Allen and I will be starting a podcast together! On the podcast we will mainly review films and once and a while talk about movie news that has us excited or intrigued. We’re going to be recording our first podcast soon. I’ll post on here once that’s up and provide all the details. I will also have different guests join me on the show, so it won’t always be Allen on there. Also when we’re doing a series and I decide not to continue with it Allen will just be on there or if he does not feel the series is worth continuing it will just be me on the podcast (more on this later).

Continue to stay tuned for further updates!