Rings, the second sequel and third installment in The Ring franchise, dropped its first trailer this past Wednesday. I have been aware for roughly a few months that a third “Ring” film was in development and honestly I was surprised and slightly excited.

I am a fan of the 2002 horror film The Ring. I believe it to be probably the best PG-13 horror film and genuinely frightening (for those who aren’t on the up and up with horror films–PG-13 horror films are normally cruddy and not worth your time. Due to MPAA regulations they simply can’t inject the scares and mature content a solid horror film demands and deserves). The only PG-13 horror film to rival, in my mind, The Ring is James Wan’s masterfully crafted Insidious (which did not come along until eight years after The Ring).

The Ring is actually an American remake of the Japanese film Ringu (1998) (which I sadly haven’t seen yet) and an adaption of the Japanese novel released in the 1990s.  A year after Ringu, came Ringu 2 (haven’t seen it either). And then of course we got the American film which lead to you guessed it, a sequel, which was actually directed by the filmmaker who directed the original Japanese films. Interestingly, The Ring Two was not positively received. I haven’t see it, so I can’t comment on it, but honestly I have no strong urge to watch it, although, I most likely will someday.

14 years after the beloved (amongst horror fans) American remake we are not getting a sequel this October. As far as I can tell this film has nothing to do with either of the previous installments. As for the Japanese and Korean films…I can’t comment on those.

As for the title of this film…well…it’s not all that original. My Blu-ray copy of the film contains a short film titled Rings which bridges the first and second movie. Honestly I don’t remember anything about this short film, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to. If I see The Ring Two and any others in the franchise I’ll make sure to update that here on the site.

Here is my reaction to the first trailer for Rings.

How many “Ring” films are there?

There are 11 films and two TV series.