Wow! I just finished House of Cards Season 4 and I am floored! Honestly this may be the darkest season yet. What I really enjoyed most about this season was the character development, especially between Frank and Claire. Twist and turns occur on every episode so this may be the most binge worthy season, but that’s debatable.

My best suggestion for you is to watch the season recaps because in this season they reintroduce many old characters and situations from previous seasons that probably aren’t easily recalled from your memory. I guarantee you’ll be begging for season 5–like I was doing–after you watch the finale.

I was really impressed with the number of parallels that they depict on the show with the current political election. And one of the most fun parts of watching House of Cards as Netflix puts it out is that it does parallel our election year and world news. You will be surprised with realism. One of the most surprising situations in the show is there is a vacant Supreme Court justice seat that needs nomination, which just so happens to be what is occuring right now, and the uncanny thing is that the show writers would have had no way of knowing this is what would happen in our real, since the show was done well before Scalia’s seat would become vacant. There’s much more Easter egg goodies to enjoy that coincide with the 2016 election year and world events.

I’m giving this season of House of Cards an A+. The narrative is much more streamlined and you can tell the writers know the direction they’re headed. This season gets really big picture. I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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